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If youre looking for an inexpensive plain black hat that fits all heads (even big ones like mine), youre in the right place. Would but again.
A small fit my tall lanky 12 year old perfectly!
very satisfied
Definitely cotton that washes well, feels good wash after wash. If your looking together away from the mighty whitely fewer, these are it.
Great value! My twelve year old loves them! They fit great, look great and are comfortable.
Great retro look. Fits comfortably.
Received order very quickly very pleased with quality of purchase
The purse is so cute. Got this for my mom for Christmas... After a month and a half the side is coming apart and the strap broke.
love how structured it is,not too big,or too small.
This hat seems like it will last for years to come. It's sturdy, and needs to be broken in, which I find is a good tell for a well-made hat
Love this bag. Great color. Versatile! Holds so much. Considering buying an insert to keep my things organized.
Love the size, pockets, straps and how sturdy it is. The bag is not heavy either. However, my only disappointment is the zipper. You have to squeeze the together and really tug to zip the bag. So I rate this bag a 4 instead 5 due to the zipper. Still debating if I will return.
Another great product from CK, however what irritates me is the price, you can find the same product after a while inside CK outlets for half the price
Great product, arrived on time and was just as expected !
The purse is what I wNted but it smells like gasoline and I dont know how to get it out, I will have to return if it doesnt go away
66% Pink Tax!?! Shameless ...
Solid shorts, casual, comfortable.
Comfortable boxers with support where it's needed and no abrasive scratching of my butt as I sit on it most of my day at work. These are different material than another pair of Puma boxers I own but these also don't ride like those do. Checks all the boxes I require from my boxers: fit is what I expected, comfy, and I feel like I'm wearing nothing at all....nothing at all....nothing at all......
These are very tight in the calf. I would say that my calve are average. If your a runner or do a lot of cardio and have large calves you will have a hard time getting these on. I wetted the jean and let them dry on me or get a better fit.
Love this bag everything i need fits, it has a lot of space for a small bag, i dont like to use handbags, but im so happy with this bag im getting the black to match with everything and getting one for my mom. I needed this for vacation in PR and the quality its good the stiches look good been everywhere with it, using it everyday still in PR been to the beach, hiking, other places and works fine.
Just received this purse today, the look is stylish without be to dressy. Easily could use the purse for work or fun. It has plenty of room and hangs at just the right length from my shoulder. I have some drawbacks about the strap, for some reason it doesn't seem to lay on my shoulder correctly. That may be because it is thinner than other purse straps I am use too, or because the purse is new. The strap width measures not quit an inch wide, while some of my other purses have straps well over an inch wide. Plus the material on the strap seems thinner than normal. This will be an everyday purse for me so with my daily wear and tear we will see how it holds up.
Great fit. Quality construction. Very happy.
I bought these for my husband. They were a perfect fit and he loves them.
Looks great, exactly as advertised!
The bag is great quality and too cute!
Fits tight and the lenses are a little small but I'm also a giant human. Don't buy if you are above the average
I bought these July 2018 and I love them! I tried several pairs of sunglasses at a mall store before purchasing, including these. I always have a hard time finding a good fit for my small/narrow face. These are comfortable and surprisingly durable for the thin frame. Works great for everyday wear and beach/pool.
Replaced my old wallet with this one. This seems just a bit larger than my old one but is very good quality. The only problem I have is that I carry wallet in my back pocket, and this one seems to catch on the sides of my pockets and is harder to get out. I have partially solved the problem by putting the wallet in upside down, so the rounded edge comes out first and does not catch as much.
Very beautiful bottom scrub. Very expensive but worth.