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The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
Custom “Red Gucci Snake” Nike Huaraches

custom louis vuitton shoes


Custom designed “Red Gucci Snake” Nike Huaraches shoes.

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custom louis vuitton shoes

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custom louis vuitton shoes

Colors: $10 each
Freestyle: $250

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+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00

custom louis vuitton shoes

Custom Laces: $10
Leather Laces: $25

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High Quality Leather Laces

custom louis vuitton shoes

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custom louis vuitton shoes

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 13 × 5 in

4 (Men), 4.5 (Men), 5 (Men), 5.5 (Men), 6 (Men), 6.5 (Men), 7 (Men), 7.5 (Men), 8 (Men), 8.5 (Men), 9 (Men), 9.5 (Men), 10 (Men), 10.5 (Men), 11 (Men), 11.5 (Men), 12 (Men), 5.5 (Women), 6 (Women), 6.5 (Women), 7 (Women), 7.5 (Women), 8 (Women), 8.5 (Women), 9 (Women), 9.5 (Women), 10 (Women), 10.5 (Women), 11 (Women), 11.5 (Women), 12 (Women), K10 (Youth), K11 (Youth), K12 (Youth), K13 (Youth), 1 (Youth), 1.5 (Youth), 2 (Youth), 2.5 (Youth), 3 (Youth), 3.5 (Youth), 4 (Youth), 4.5 (Youth), 5 (Youth), 5.5 (Youth), 6 (Youth), 6.5 (Youth), 7 (Youth)

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custom louis vuitton shoes

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custom louis vuitton shoes

custom louis vuitton shoes

Purchased these for my husband, size 9.5 shoe. I wear a woman's size 8.5. They fit me, not him.
Fits great and very comfortable
These are nice but I prefer the New Balance alternative due to them having a thicker waist band
'Stranger Things' right here...
So pleased with my new Ray Bans I am always fighting the sun going or coming home from work and these great looking glasses are the answer to my prayers! I am no longer squinting when I drive into the sun. Wore them to the pool and so comfortable in and out of the sun. I could read my phone. They are perfect!
It is a nice wallet, good quality feel. I like it but don't love it - some of the slots for credit cards are hard to get the cards out of, there is not a ton of card slots which is annoying, the clip for the money does not feel super secure as it is constantly moving in and out of it's slot, the clip sometimes leaves little dents or cuts in my cash. The slide out card tool is very useful though.

EDIT: July 3rd 2017. Had this wallet for a fair amount of time, worked well but now the money clip is broken. The slide out card was the most useful part of the wallet - very useful in day to day. Lookswise, it was alright. Kind of deteriorated with time, and not in a good way. Still have the same complaints - wish it had more card slots, wish the money clip was more secure and wish that it lasted longer.
Bought these for my fianc to wear at the job site. I received these very quickly and he loved how they felt. Thin, silky material. The only issue is they are long. He ended up cutting them in half. Now he has double the masks!
Very Warm . Great on time delivery
Authentic, exactly as described/pictured, true to size, and arrived promptly.
Great sunglasses! Love the wood grain and lenses do a great job of filtering! Would definitely buy again
I'm between 37 and 38 waist with 32 1/5 inseam and XL fits me very comfortably. Roomy to sit comfortably. Good cotton, thick enough to be durable and thin enough to be worn during warm days. Awesome value!
This was the worst person I have ever seen! The leather was warped and crooked, the strap was cut crooked, the buckle for the strap rusted on the top of your shoulder you couldnt carry a purse like that. Its not your normal leather its junk and will not last very long. This purse should not be purchased by anyone.
Beautiful shirt
I'm happy with these glasses. They don't ever come close to falling off and they are light. The price is right and they look good.
Bought these for my boyfriend but they were so soft and comfy... i had to take them for myself HAHA
The straw patterns on the hat is beautifully even. The material is soft and the pattern reminds intact. The size of the hat fits my curly hair perfectly. It keeps the sun out of my face. Its the a great accessory for summer.
So far so good. I got all my cards and money in it. It is thicker than my single fold wallet was. I FEEL BETTER ABOUT NOT GIVING my info away. I like the quality it seems to me.
These arrived exactly as expected. They offer great protection for both glasses and sunglasses without the bulk of a case. And a lens cleaner is always available when I start to put on my glasses. Great product for great price with swift delivery.
I would give it a solid 4.5 stars if it werent for the strap already breaking after only 2.5 months :( love the look and have gotten a lot of compliments but was planning on it lasting much longer!
Edit: After using this buff for a while I started to really like it. It breathes well and the baggy material has its uses. I just wish I knew how big it was going to be when I originally purchased it but I blame myself for that on lack of research.

Extremely baggy. I bought this wanting a neck gaiter for winter weather. I have a few cheaper made face shields and I love them so much that I wanted to get a nice Buff made of Marino wool. This is very soft and I can imagine it being comfy if it fit well. However the one I received could fit two of my necks in it. Its even loose around my head and the extra space left over leaves for quite a breeze.

It does fit my dog well however, so its not a complete waste.
It's great. I have it full and it's comfortable and seems sturdy.
I am, sadly, a rather larger person through the middle and these shirts are a bit snug in that area but they are very long which is what I was hoping for. They fit well enough that I bought 6 more (3 more packs of two) and they have been durable and well worth the purchase.
Much more durable than cotton socks. Comfortable. Perfect.
What can I say? Its a neck gaiter. Its good quality and its inexpensive.
Upon first wearing, it's comfortable and seems made well, BUT the arm holes are HUGE - unless you have pipes like Hulk Hogan, you're gonna look like you have spaghetti arms. I work out and have fairly big arms - in this shirt, I look like an 8th grade nerd on my way to study hall. I'll wear the shirt under my blazers but no way I'd take the jacket off - it's that baggy.
These fit great over my glasses and really help with nighttime headlight glare! I keep them in my car and use every time I drive at night. Well made with a great case too. Great price and highly recommend.
It is very warm, its fit as expected and i just love it
I love this dainty ring so much!! It is beautiful! Obviously dont wear in the shower and such - but holding up just fine as I take it off every evening and take good care of it. I saw some reviews saying oh it turns green - well duh - take care of it and dont treat it like its 14k - its 7 dollars for goodness sakes!! 100 percent love - I have it in my index finger - so cute!