red Black Kids Slip On Shoes|custom shirt with name and number_custom name shirt etsy

custom shirt with name and number_custom name shirt etsy

This came earlier than promised and fits everything very nicely.
I must have gotten the last one of the color I ordered cause I don't see it anymore. Absolutely love this bag!

* Super cute
* Comfortable
* Lots of space
* good sized inside pockets

* Zipper does not go all the way to each side and leaves two holes on either side where small items in bag could fall out
* feels a little flimsy, like it could tear

I highly recommend this bag!!
No allergic reactions. Good quality and pretty.
My husband loves them they work very well. Very durable and he is still able to see everything he needs to see while wearing them. He uses them when he goes golfing and practically all the time
Nice fit.
The sunglasses look nice on. Protect from sun. I love the case and wipe it came with!
Great bag. Carries my laptop and all my day to day things
This is a very well made simple leather belt, it appears to be made from a nice durable hide and has to this date performed well.
Hella soft
Too cute.
Nice color.
They do wonders for cutting the glare, I love these sunglasses. Brilliant, look cool, nice accessory.
Good price and quick delivery
Very pretty
The picture depicts these to have an oval opening and a low cut like Calvin Klein socks. That is NOT the case. They have a circular opening and sit right around the ankle. They are very visible when wearing shoes like VANS authentics. Will be returning these. I really wish they had an accurate picture. Aside from that they were comfortable and seemed to be of excellent quality that you would expect from ADIDAS. If you don't mind the higher than usual cut of these the price and quality is really good.
2 MAGA Thumbs Up!
Came exactly as shown in pic
We looked amazing
Had them since Christmas day and they are starting to rip. Material is wearing quickly.
Good quality, love all of the compartments for organizing.
It is handmade, so don't listen to the other reviews. There could be a couple pieces poking out, but that is the beauty of this bag! It is gorgeously handcrafted and woven, with a beautiful cloth interior. Fits my wallet, iPhone XR, sunglasses and a granola bar. Perfect for summer travels! AND you can't beat this price. The white is gorgeous. (For reference, I'm 5'4 and it falls to hip-length).
I love this purse! It's simple and fits my wallet, planner, keys, phone, and much more! I am very pleased with my purchase!
These were better than I expected. They are thicker than standard undershirts and fit great. They are also much cheaper than I could find any where in stores.
The size of leg part is very broad.
I haven't gotten mine yet, but when I do, best believe I'll be on ESPN TOP 10. I want to hide my crouch, other than just wearing compression shorts for my team, you know, there's people watching. So I choose the black, what color did everyone else use. Follow me on twitter, @joshuachavanne I'm an athlete, student, inventor, barber and a scientist. But have fun with your short shorts, I will!
Used for a joke, wrapped around an apple for a joke for an Apple Watch
These are great socks! I've used them for pretty intense trail hiking as well as trades work, and they are holding up well. A very good deal.
It does stay cool.
These are $1.96 on alibaba and I didn’t realize it before I purchased it. Otherwise it’s a nice little card organizer and it works well.
The Wrangler shorts size 38 was too small and that's what I wear I like the Wrangler shorts I'm going to need a size 40 once I return them back can you please send me a size 40 the exact same thank you.
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