The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
Custom Air Jordan XII – “Camo”

diy wooden shoe tree


Custom hand painted Air Jordan XII (12) – “Camo”

The price listed above is the base price to customize any pair of Air Jordan XII’s to this design.
This shoe is available in up to 4 installment payments at checkout by selecting the “Quadpay” option!
diy wooden shoe tree
Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your size.
  2. If you do not already have the shoe, select diy wooden shoe tree to the diy wooden shoe treedropdown menu for us to purchase an original pair to customize and ship to you.
  3. (Optional) If you want different colors, select the “Custom Colors” at the next step.
    1. Select if you would like leather laces instead of regular laces by selecting a color next to the option.
  4. (Optional) Select if you’d like the shoes to be delivered by a certain date under “Rapid Delivery”.
  5. (Optional) Select if you’d like to include Shoe Repair Insurance.

diy wooden shoe tree

If you do not already have the shoe, check this box to have it added to your order. We will then order an authentic pair and customize it as shown.

+ $350.00

The selected shoe will be added to your order to customize based on the color(s)/design you create.

You already have the shoes, which you will ship to us to customize for you.

diy wooden shoe tree

Like this custom design, but just not the color(s)?
Select this option if you would like to select custom colors for your design or select custom shoe laces.

I would like to select custom color ways for my shoes.

diy wooden shoe tree

Colors: $10 each
Freestyle: $250

+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00

diy wooden shoe tree

Custom Laces: $10
Leather Laces: $25

+ $10.00

Customize Your Laces

+ $25.00

High Quality Leather Laces

diy wooden shoe tree

Describe where you would want the replacement color(s) on the shoe.

Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:

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diy wooden shoe tree

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 13 × 5 in

4 (Men), 4.5 (Men), 5 (Men), 5.5 (Men), 6 (Men), 6.5 (Men), 7 (Men), 7.5 (Men), 8 (Men), 8.5 (Men), 9 (Men), 9.5 (Men), 10 (Men), 10.5 (Men), 11 (Men), 11.5 (Men), 12 (Men), 12.5 (Men), 13 (Men), 13.5 (Men), 14 (Men), 14.5 (Men), 15 (Men), 5.5 (Women), 6 (Women), 6.5 (Women), 7 (Women), 7.5 (Women), 8 (Women), 8.5 (Women), 9 (Women), 9.5 (Women), 10 (Women), 10.5 (Women), 11 (Women), 11.5 (Women), 12 (Women), K10 (Youth), K11 (Youth), K12 (Youth), K13 (Youth), 1 (Youth), 1.5 (Youth), 2 (Youth), 2.5 (Youth), 3 (Youth), 3.5 (Youth), 4 (Youth), 4.5 (Youth), 5 (Youth), 5.5 (Youth), 6 (Youth), 6.5 (Youth), 7 (Youth)

diy wooden shoe tree

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diy wooden shoe tree

diy wooden shoe tree

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I luv it. Extremely impressed with the packaging. It is a strong and steady handbag. The lining is not that flimsy stuff. If you don't like large handbags this one is not for you, however, it can make for an excellent bag for you to carry your electronics. Pricing was reasonable.
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I used it for a wedding event and it work fantastic.
I followed the washing directions but these shrunk a lot! They were too short on my husband after washing. Very disappointed. Cotton does shrink, but if its going to shrink THAT much then they need to make a size adjustment to account for that.
My husbands favorite underwear. Definitely worth it!
but these are not anti slip by any stretch.
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My husband has always had problems getting these jeans to fit around the waist, so, perhaps we should order another inch to the waist. Instead of 32x34 make them 33x34, but he doesn't like that thought.
I purchased this hat for my art teacher, a rabid "Jones" fan. She was absolutely delighted with the color, style and quality. It is a quality product. Unfortunately the hat was too large but the return/exchange was handled efficiently in a timely manner.
Horrible product. I wore them once and when I took them off there were several tears on the back of the pants, all different sizes. Since they are a stretch material Im not able to sew it myself. So I got 1 wear out of them. Total waste of money
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I like everything about it & I use it as work bag Im a HHA & it comes in handy for my timesheets & important papers for work
What can I say, good quality socks, fits just right and arrived on time
Looks cheap edges were rough
Remove before flight? How about never remove from your keys! This is single handedly is the useful thing to place on your keys. It pops so its easy to see from afar. It's robust but not obtrusive so in your pocket just a tub and you'll have your keys. It's just one of those thing that you'll have to use to understand but once you do you'll be happy you did.
Wonderful wallet, it is deceptively small as it has lots of slots for cards and lots of space for cash and coins. After heavy use over the past few months, including traveling out of state multiple times and being in and out of a backpack, the wallet has stayed in perfect condition - the white part has not even discolored, which is amazing.