The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
Custom Air Jordan XI – “Raging Bull”

t shirt with custom logo


Custom hand painted Air Jordan XI – “Raging Bull”

The price listed above is the base price to customize a pair of Air Jordan XI to this design.
t shirt with custom logo
Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your size.
  2. If you do not already have the shoe, select t shirt with custom logo to the t shirt with custom logodropdown menu for us to purchase an original pair to customize and ship to you.
  3. (Optional) If you want different colors, select the “Custom Colors” at the next step.
    1. Select if you would like leather laces instead of regular laces by selecting a color next to the option.
  4. (Optional) Select if you’d like the shoes to be delivered by a certain date under “Rapid Delivery”.
  5. (Optional) Select if you’d like to include Shoe Repair Insurance.

t shirt with custom logo

If you do not already have the shoe, check this box to have it added to your order. We will then order an authentic pair and customize it as shown.

+ $350.00

The selected shoe will be added to your order to customize based on the color(s)/design you create.

You already have the shoes, which you will ship to us to customize for you.

t shirt with custom logo

Like this custom design, but just not the color(s)?
Select this option if you would like to select custom colors for your design or select custom shoe laces.

I would like to select custom color ways for my shoes.

t shirt with custom logo

Colors: $10 each
Freestyle: $250

+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00

t shirt with custom logo

Custom Laces: $10
Leather Laces: $25

+ $10.00

Customize Your Laces

+ $25.00

High Quality Leather Laces

t shirt with custom logo

Describe where you would want the replacement color(s) on the shoe.

Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:

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t shirt with custom logo

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 13 × 5 in

4 (Men), 4.5 (Men), 5 (Men), 5.5 (Men), 6 (Men), 6.5 (Men), 7 (Men), 7.5 (Men), 8 (Men), 8.5 (Men), 9 (Men), 9.5 (Men), 10 (Men), 10.5 (Men), 11 (Men), 11.5 (Men), 12 (Men), 12.5 (Men), 13 (Men), 13.5 (Men), 14 (Men), 14.5 (Men), 15 (Men), 5.5 (Women), 6 (Women), 6.5 (Women), 7 (Women), 7.5 (Women), 8 (Women), 8.5 (Women), 9 (Women), 9.5 (Women), 10 (Women), 10.5 (Women), 11 (Women), 11.5 (Women), 12 (Women), K10 (Youth), K11 (Youth), K12 (Youth), K13 (Youth), 1 (Youth), 1.5 (Youth), 2 (Youth), 2.5 (Youth), 3 (Youth), 3.5 (Youth), 4 (Youth), 4.5 (Youth), 5 (Youth), 5.5 (Youth), 6 (Youth), 6.5 (Youth), 7 (Youth)

t shirt with custom logo

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t shirt with custom logo

t shirt with custom logo

Fits just right. Love the feel and look.
Perfect fit and my Dad loves it especially how the end of adjustable strap tucks in.
I love them they are cute af!
Awesome style and presentation. Elegante box and wrap. Quality and confort
Inexpensive and you can see why. Looks cheap
Very very thin sock with no insulating possibility. Rough feel on foot
People will say all they want but when it boils down to quality and look, this hat really kills it. I thought it would be too small or too big but it fits perfectly. A little adjusting might Be good but trust me after a little bit you will love it!
Good fit. I bought to use for basketball and I love these. Great deal really.
Well enough made, no real complaints the hat just barley fit. I had to undo the crease stitch in the end of the strap to give me more length, therby fitting sufficiently. My head is large, so average large heads 8 and Bellow should fit just barley.
Good quality,got it for my husband and he loves it.
Very comfortable no problem taking them off and putting them on during 36 holes of golf. They stay on your hat as you kneel down to read a putt. Which may seem unimportant to some but not to some body that plays a lot of golf.
Case puts up with being jammed into my golf bag.
Very good buy for the money and I would recommend them.
Excellent product. Exactly as described. Bought this for my husband and he loves it
Love this cross body bag! The pleather is soft and pliable, has lots of great zippered pockets. It's my go-to. Wish I would have bought a few more colors. Great deal and purse! Would def buy again!
Do not buy. Waste of money. One was broken when I got it and the other broke within a week. Kids were disappointed.
These are great shorts at a great price. I have bought a few other brands of shorts this summer and these are my favorites. The appear to be well made, they look really good and are comfortable. I wish they had more colors in my size - I would definitely buy more.
Super cute and looks more expensive than it is! Classy addition to any outfit
This is a VERY nice bag. Very well made, well crafted. Quite impressive.
LOVE this purse. It has a compartment for everything and helps to avoid that three minute search for something. Enough room for an iPad or book.
Functional, accessable, sleek, and stylish
This was not worth $20. I would maybe pay $5-$8 for this. Sending it back.
Smaller than I expected. But maybe that worked out well. Less stuff to weigh me down. Take it to church or anywhere. Love the shoulder straps to use as needed. Good buy.
Great wallet, exactly what I was looking.
Such a beautiful messenger bag. It holds most of my stuff that I need daily, the strap doesn't hurt my shoulder and it looks so nice. I get compliments on it all the time. So great.
Order your normal size! Great pair set of briefs. Have had for a couple months and still are like new!
I do construction and it fogs up my safety glasses real bad. It's a good mask though
Great sock. Im a big smartwool fan and these are as good or better. Paying more for these socks is totally worth it - they look and feel like new despite dozens of wearings/washings.