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The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
Custom Air Jordan “Sour Apple” XI (11)

customize your own shoelaces


Custom designed “Sour Apple” Air Jordan XI 11s shoes.

How to buy:

Select your size.

If you do not already have the shoe, select customize your own shoelaces to the customize your own shoelacesdropdown menu for us to purchase an original pair to customize and ship to you.


customize your own shoelaces

If you do not already have the shoe, check this box to have it added to your order. We will then order an authentic pair and customize it as shown.

+ $350.00

The selected shoe will be added to your order to customize based on the color(s)/design you create.

You already have the shoes, which you will ship to us to customize for you.

customize your own shoelaces

Like this custom design, but just not the color(s)?
Select this option if you would like to select custom colors for your design or select custom shoe laces.

I would like to select custom color ways for my shoes.

customize your own shoelaces

Colors: $10 each
Freestyle: $250

+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00

customize your own shoelaces

Custom Laces: $10
Leather Laces: $25

+ $10.00

Customize Your Laces

+ $25.00

High Quality Leather Laces

customize your own shoelaces

Describe where you would want the replacement color(s) on the shoe.

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customize your own shoelaces

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 13 × 5 in

4 (Men), 4.5 (Men), 5 (Men), 5.5 (Men), 6 (Men), 6.5 (Men), 7 (Men), 7.5 (Men), 8 (Men), 8.5 (Men), 9 (Men), 9.5 (Men), 10 (Men), 10.5 (Men), 11 (Men), 11.5 (Men), 12 (Men), 5.5 (Women), 6 (Women), 6.5 (Women), 7 (Women), 7.5 (Women), 8 (Women), 8.5 (Women), 9 (Women), 9.5 (Women), 10 (Women), 10.5 (Women), 11 (Women), 11.5 (Women), 12 (Women), K10 (Youth), K11 (Youth), K12 (Youth), K13 (Youth), 1 (Youth), 1.5 (Youth), 2 (Youth), 2.5 (Youth), 3 (Youth), 3.5 (Youth), 4 (Youth), 4.5 (Youth), 5 (Youth), 5.5 (Youth), 6 (Youth), 6.5 (Youth), 7 (Youth)

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customize your own shoelaces

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customize your own shoelaces

customize your own shoelaces

I like the V neck and the color white.
This bag is awesome big enough but not too big perfect crossbody
No bad news here!
Husband likes them but are a little tight. Next pair I order will be a size up. Good quality pants and just what he needs.
Order the waist 1-2 sizes up from what you would normally get. Don't be uncomfortable because of your ego. The 36 waist Dickies are smaller than my 34 waist Levis. I probably could have even gone to 38.

Flat front
Creased legs
Rugged material
Water was beading off of it when I washed it and they were only damp dry when I took them out of the washer.

They are exactly what I expected other than the small waist
Very well made wallet, very pleased. Leather is top quality.
Came in a day early, Fits well, only issue is that the mouth hole is a little small but i have a big head so thats the case for every mask i buy.
Nice looking bag
My son was happy with the look and fit of these.
I haven't been able to wear since it got here due to the poor quality chain. The charm its self it gorgeous. I wish I could wear it. I had to purchase a new chain.
Just got today. Really appreciate the alcohol swab for ease of prepping them. Great size for my 5 year-old twins who lose one earring always now I have a back-up that wont break the bank.
Good leather, worth the money
I like this Shoulder purse/Tote very much. Roomy inside and colors on the bag are very bright, very nice.
Fit as expected. Did not shrink in wash
This is my fourth bag by this brand, and also the only one I've been extremely disappointed with. The tassels were already coming loose when I got it, and after using it for a few weeks the straps are stretched out and scrunching up. It's cutting into my shoulder and unfortunately is uncomfortable enough that I have to return it.
Such a relief after the last chain I ordered for my 50-year old locket turned my neck bright green! This one is beautiful, comfortable and was a good price.
Best suspenders I have ever owned (2nd purchase)/
for trip to Cancun in 2019
What a great . Well thought out interior and design are fantastic I bought another one after using grey one for a week.
Not too light and not too heavy...exactly what my husband looks for
The nose support hurts my nose after wearing it for only 1 hour... I have many other sunglasses that I can wear all day without it hurting my nose, :(
looks cheap, feels cheap.
Ordered XL.. way way too big.. ordered L and fits way way too small.
They do hold'em up.
Really good wallet for the price! I have used many higher end minimalist wallets such as trayvax element, contour and Dango M1 maverick spec ops wallet and honestly this wallet is so ergnomical and user friendly that I prefer it over the more complicated to use wallets. Cash clip has enough retention to hold bills shake wallet and nothing will move. Trust Me I had doubts too but not anymore works great and seems to striahten out my cash the longer I keep it in my wallet which I really like cause I'm kind of anal about my bills having creases and all that. Another thing I like about it is the quick access card pocket on the outside so easy to get cards in out of I find myself not having to open the wallet to get my most used card which great for time. Overall I really really like the wallet and hoped my review helps.
Turned out to be bigger and goddier than I anticipated was beautiful but bigger than the size of a quarter I was expecting penny size or smaller lol oh well, and the chain was short.
This quickly became my favorite bag!
These came with all the accessories mentioned, but the frame was so thin that I was afraid a strong wind would have broken them. I ended up accidentally bending them not too long after I got them.

The company contacted me about these and replaced them with a more durable frame. I'm very appreciative, and will buy them again.
Very premium quality
Like the name says so pretty, its very pretty but terrible quality. I asked for a replacement after the one that I bought came damaged. All 3 necklaces came broken and I bought for my daughter. We were very disappointed. The replacement came and one of the necklaces came broken as well, so save yourself some headache and dont buy it.