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The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
Custom Air Jordan 4 – “Wonder”

diy under bed shoe storage


Custom hand painted Air Jordan XI – “Wonder” (Wonder Bread/Wonder Woman Edition)
The price listed is the price to customize these shoes.

diy under bed shoe storage
Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your size.
  2. If you do not already have the shoe, select diy under bed shoe storage to the diy under bed shoe storagedropdown menu for us to purchase an original pair to customize and ship to you.
  3. Select if you would like leather laces instead of regular laces.
  4. (Optional) If you want different colors, select the “Custom Colors” at the next step.
  5. (Optional) Select if you’d like the shoes to be delivered by a certain date under “Rapid Delivery”.
  6. (Optional) Select if you’d like to include Shoe Repair Insurance.

diy under bed shoe storage

If you do not already have the shoe, check this box to have it added to your order. We will then order an authentic pair and customize it as shown.

+ $350.00

The selected shoe will be added to your order to customize based on the color(s)/design you create.

You already have the shoes, which you will ship to us to customize for you.

diy under bed shoe storage

Like this custom design, but just not the color(s)?
Select this option if you would like to select custom colors for your design or select custom shoe laces.

I would like to select custom color ways for my shoes.

diy under bed shoe storage

Colors: $10 each
Freestyle: $250

+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00
+ $10.00

diy under bed shoe storage

Custom Laces: $10
Leather Laces: $25

+ $10.00

Customize Your Laces

+ $25.00

High Quality Leather Laces

diy under bed shoe storage

Describe where you would want the replacement color(s) on the shoe.

Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:

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diy under bed shoe storage

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 13 × 5 in

4 (Men), 4.5 (Men), 5 (Men), 5.5 (Men), 6 (Men), 6.5 (Men), 7 (Men), 7.5 (Men), 8 (Men), 8.5 (Men), 9 (Men), 9.5 (Men), 10 (Men), 10.5 (Men), 11 (Men), 11.5 (Men), 12 (Men), 12.5 (Men), 13 (Men), 13.5 (Men), 14 (Men), 14.5 (Men), 15 (Men), 5.5 (Women), 6 (Women), 6.5 (Women), 7 (Women), 7.5 (Women), 8 (Women), 8.5 (Women), 9 (Women), 9.5 (Women), 10 (Women), 10.5 (Women), 11 (Women), 11.5 (Women), 12 (Women), K10 (Youth), K11 (Youth), K12 (Youth), K13 (Youth), 1 (Youth), 1.5 (Youth), 2 (Youth), 2.5 (Youth), 3 (Youth), 3.5 (Youth), 4 (Youth), 4.5 (Youth), 5 (Youth), 5.5 (Youth), 6 (Youth), 6.5 (Youth), 7 (Youth)

diy under bed shoe storage

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diy under bed shoe storage

diy under bed shoe storage

Bought one for my boyfriends birthday, he loves that its slim enough to fit in his front pocket.
So cute! Best wallet ever will def be purchasing in other prints
Big enough to carry my kitchen sink. The leather is beautiful too. Didn't think I'd like the color but that turned out to be lovely.
Bought it for my husband for Christmas because he hated his wallet b/c it was too bulky. He loves it!!
Nice leather and just the right size that holds all my cards and more. Very pleased with the quality.
Comfortable, good fit, good cushion..good value
I got the hat because I am training for a marathon and was constantly sweating off my sunscreen, coming back from my long runs with a pink forehead. The hat is nice and light and keeps the sun out of my eyes as it should. I have no complaints about its durability as yet, since I've only worn it twice (although for 3+hour runs each time).
I wear one size or another several times a week. I have multiple holes in each ear but most times only use one or two. These are nice because I have sizes to choose from.
I really like how close to the ear these sit but still catch the light nicely. The mounting style is quite unique.
My husband is very happy with these - seem to be good quality and should hold up well to washing. They have wider legs than some other brands just as an FYI, but the waist/butt part is sized like you'd expect
Pretty normal men's crew socks. Nothing to write home about, but also no bad surprises.
These are simply gorgeous! Great quality. I love them!!!
Worn twice and the gold is already fading. Do not buy, should have purchased a more expensive one that will keep
My mom loved it cute gift
Love it!
I like the heavier sock. very comfortable
Nice product. Very pleased. Will purchase again.
Stetson continues to live up to their reputation for making quality long-lasting hats. It is superbly made, light, water-resistant, and attractive. It will last a lifetime and is value-priced.
no es muy duradero
Not what I wanted.
It's a hat. Does its job.
I like the wallet perfect for 3 year old Birthday gift.. Just was a bit disappointed when I received the unicorn wallet instead of the mermaid.. Material is good and colors are perfect for little one's .
Great value. 29 inch leg length is hard to find off the rack. Theses were.
after the first washing they shrunk quite a bit. I can still wear them but they're tighter they I typically prefer
I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it
Extremely cute.
The shirts fit good and feel great, which I don't find too often. I use these for my work attire, and will more than likely order more in the near future.
I really like this purse. I don't have a lot in it. Just basic things. Not sure, I like the light. It kind of broke. Might be able to fix it. If not, it's okay.