The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!

custom vinyl shirt decals

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Great service and great product. Thank you.
Descent product at a fair price
only thing i didn't like it that it is heavy...
Daughter LOVES it for her year around softball tournaments!! It keeps her warm and cozy.
Bought it for my fianc for her birthday and she loves it also bought the matching purse for Christmas
Fits great.
Perfect size- not too small or too big. Just right!
They run small
I love the fact that I can store all of my cards and easily access and organize them. The slots to the cards can even store another card or two if one has store cards to match. Lovely leather exterior with sturdy hardware and plenty of room to keep receipts, cash, and coupons. I would have liked a coin area for spare change but I just drop my change into a side pocket and that seems to work.
These will last you a while
These Glasses are perfect for when I'm driving during the day, I always had a bit of trouble seeing the road before on super bright days, but now the road is clearer than ever, and the sun isn't a problem!! I love the design too!
Feel like plastic but helps make them light weight
Look carefully in the pictures the seller provides and customers submit: It has a stupid little bit that sticks out and requires that the hat be worn a very specific way just to put that bit in a place where it doesn't look like you have a tumor.
My favorite shirt.
Love champion and this is a must have when first got item they gave me a different pair of pant which up set me but returned the pants and got what I ordered and I loved it ever since
One of the shirts came with two holes
I purchased these after a trip that left me driving home from Houston late one night and my sister in law asked was I seeing all of the deer by the road. Yikes I didnt see any and I kept slowing down because I was blinded by oncoming traffic. I was leaving on a trip to Branson and most of my driving would be through the night. I saw these on Amazon and purchased them. I was not disappointed they even came with a zipper case that keeps them safe from my little one that has stepped on and broke several pairs of shades. They work great!!!! I no longer get blinded by oncoming traffic and my eyes do not strain so hard bringing on my migraines. I do not require corrective lenses after LASIK surgery but these are literally a difference between daylight and dark for me. Customer service was great arrived on time with no problems.
It looks very good and is very comfortable
My everyday bag. Love it.
Too cute!!! Very well made & lots of detail...slots for ID, credit card, etc. And having an outside compartment for quick retrieval is a very nice feature.
I found this item to be made well but a little to small for my use
Great jacket
Wrong color was shipped but I had no time to exchange since its for bday present. The paperwork was not included as well. I got a moss green color hat instead of nice blue charcoal color hat.
Great wallet, holds everything!
I wore two pair of these. Very tight on calves/ankles. I sense no value except "hype" with the copper. I tried two new pair. Same bland suppression sock "advantage." The Salvation Army gets the two new pair and the 4 pairs disappointingly worn.
Good quality
This bracelet is awesome! It's exactly what I wanted and has held up well! I wear it all the time, only taking it off for showers. I LOVE it!