The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!

markers to customize shoes

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markers to customize shoes

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This is really nice! I normally only buy Donney & Bourke or higher ends bags. My closet is FULL of these higher end bags. However I needed a backpack that I could carry like a purse and one that was not so stiff, like the Dooney & Bourke backpacks are. As usual I shopped for this with all my normal high end brands, but could not find what I was looking for. I thought why not see what I could find on Amazon. I saw this one and decided to give it a try. I also purchased the S-Zone Women's Genuine Leather Backpack Casual Shoulder Bag Purse Medium. I have been very pleased with both. They are soft leather, very well made. Smooth easy open and closing zippers. I really like the zippered pockets and the side pockets. I carry a 12oz aluminum water bottle in mine. They are also very comfortable to wear as backpacks. I would ABSOLUTELY buy both of these again. (Purchased both bags in black)
I ordered two of these for my son and myself. We are both very happy. The polarized lenses don't distort colors, but they provide great shade and sun protection.
Great product!
Love this hat! Great quality
Comfortable, durable, and affordable.
Got this for my husband as a gift. I didnt know if hed use it. He totally uses it. I think every day almost. Great present, and a very selfless one if you live with your partner.
This is a good product; however, I found it a little small. I have a 40 inch waste and found it tight; so I have a difficult time believing it would accommodate anything beyond a 42. However, if you are in this range, this one is a good place to start.
The studs are so thick they dont fit in my 6 year olds pierced ears.
I really love this bag. Got it for everyday use. It holds everything I need and can carry my laptop in. Can say that it is water-resistant.
Great fabric and pants design. Love these
I have no complaints. I appreciate your services. Thank you.
Love it!
Bought this to give as a gift. It is exactly what he wanted. Color is great. Thx!
I work swing shift hours, and I drive on a one way road. Oncoming traffic at night's headlights were blinding me until one night I decided to to finally amazon some night driving glasses, and here we are today. Works as intended and would buy again if I ever lose these. Thank you David.
My husband really likes these.
Awesome. Just fantastic. Keeps sweat off the face (i use them for soccer and tennis). No idea why some other reviewers said they had problems with it. Of course your face will still sweat, of course the head band will eventually get full saturated and then you need to wring it out - but it is a million times better then a baseball cap or nothing.
These are thin and I really expected better quality at the price but it was definitely not I could have gotten the same thing from Walmart for $2 a pair.
Awesome belt, very easy to use and extremely well made.
They are Hanes Tagless White Cotton T shirts. They are certainly nothing special but they make great undershirts. Always dress in layers. Probably the same price at wally world, but with prime and/or adding it to an order you are planning to buy, you don't have to be subjected to the people that shop at wallyworld.
I bought this for my daughter. It was just what she wanted. Big enough to slop her favorite book into, but not huge.
Cute style but I dont use it. Prefer real leather
The #1 problem I have with night driving is the glare coming from my rear view and side mirrors. The mirrors' glare makes it hard to keep track of drivers coming up on me. I sent the 2 previous brands back as I couldn't tell much difference. However, I recently got new prescription sunglasses that were polarized with anti-glare coating. I decided to give these a try as they had both features. WOW! They make it easy to keep track in the mirrors of what drivers around me are doing. And they fit perfectly over my clear distance RX glasses. I'm buying a second pair for as a birthday present for a friend.
Snug elastic.
These stud earrings are absolutely stunning! They are covered in gorgeous cubic zirconias that look and shine like real diamonds. They are very light, so don't hurt your earlobes if you wear them over an extended amount of time. You can wear them for special occasions, but I think they are classic enough to be able to wear every day with any outfit. I love that they are made of sterling silver but have an 18k white gold overlay. The size is also perfect for my ears...not too big and not too small. I have sensitive skin, and appreciate that these are hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Beautiful pair of earrings that are also a perfect give for the special woman in your life!
Very good quality
We were able to get the length that's needed. Other stores have not had the length that Joe needs.
The wallet does not block RFID as advertised. However it looks good and has plenty of storage while still maintaining a sleek look to it.
Very soft and comfortable.
very cheaply made.
Love the space/ compartments and yet still slim and not bulky