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These glasses are stylish, and comfortable. They are pretty sturdy, considering the price.
My nephew loves these. He is 12, tall (about 5'5"), and these come to just below his knees.
Holding card and cash very well! Ill buy one more of carbon money clip
Over many years, owned innumerable belts but none as ingenious as Braided Stretch Belt. Has a classic, casual look, appears well made but magic lies in revolutionary woven fabric. One can insert Single Prong Belt Buckle Pin anywhere along length, providing incredibly versatile comfort. Highly Recommended!
Will buy more
Will return; too large
Fits true to size. Great quality. Will continue to order. Very convenient.
Product came discolored! The rest of my gear is solid black and this came like a light purple or pink. Like the product was out in the sun or something!! Afraid to return and get another one that will be the same color..smh.

Someone needs to check the product before it get sent out. Not happy with the color.
In the past, I've worn baseball type caps and when you want to take them off, you're stuck holding them, setting them down (and possibly losing them) or trying to loop them on your belt (whcih looks ridiculous), so I wasn't sure how this cap would actaully fit or look when I ordered it. However, when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it adjusted to fit my head perfectly and looks gread. In fact, I've got a VERY large head and this fits perfect. But it'll also adjust to fit MUCH smaller heads, and still look good. When folded, it easily fits in the front pocket of my shorts or back pocket of my jeans. Zero complaints. In fact, I'm planning on purchasing a couple more for some friends.
very comfortable
No complaints. High quality cloth banners. Not much to mess up.
Love it!
Not bad
The fit at the waist was fine but the length was ridiculous. My husband is a very skinny 5'9 guy with normal legs, but he would have needed MUCH longer legs for this to fit length-wise. I am not expecting his legs to grow much at his age so we returned this one. :)
Makes me look good and feel good....not really.
I have a blue lens pair and they are great polarized lenses but the purple ones have a horrible glare and makes me feel like I have prescription glasses on. I get headaches quickly when wearing them.
Nice sweatshirt at good price.
Not much to them pretty thin
I was able to attach belt buckle easily. Looks good. Smells cool, like leather.
nice hat
I like these sweats, They are roomy enough for moving around.and heavy enough for going to the gym in cold weather. Good string tie but the elastic blousing at the bottom of the legs is a little loose. I don't know if this is the current style but I like these fine.Good price for the two pairs of pants.
My fiance loved this. I gave it to him as it wasn't big enough for my stuff, but for his few cards and some odd ball cash, works great. He loves the fact that it is RFID blocking (which is what sold me on them too.) Great gift for men of all ages. It is simple, small and compact, and very great quality.

I was offered this item for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
Cute little back pack purse
Hooked to my rolling suitcase and easily accessed my tickets, etc.
I am totally impressed with this style and color! Eminently practical with many places to store glasses, keys, cellphone with too left over.

I only have two suggestions: Inner bag would be more useful in a different lighter color, not brown. I substituted a bag of my own so i could locate it easier. And any inside bag should have a zipper from end to end, not just part of the bag's width, which makes it like a fishing expedition! For me, these problems were easily fixed.

The bag is great!
False advertising. The ad said mens 4 pack, but I only received 1/4 of my order. Additionally I will get hit for return shipping.
Works great! Had to try out a few different styles/fits before I settled on this but now that Ive found this fit, Im sticking with it.
The product feels like plastic; that aside, it's too big and "clunky"- very clumsy. Just be warned- it's just not sleek.
They are much smaller than I pictured. But still good for kids