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custom hand painted nike shoes


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custom hand painted nike shoes

custom hand painted nike shoes

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    custom hand painted nike shoes

    Customize your current pair of Timberland footwear to any colorway you choose!
    1. Selecting your current pair
    2. Select the size
    3. Select each color from the color chart
    4. (Optional) Upload any example images you may have
    5. (Optional) Describe your custom needs
      1. If you want to request a custom shoe concept first, request it here: If you would like to request a concept to be designed for you, you may do so here: custom hand painted nike shoes
This hat was a gift for my brother, he absolutely loved it. Arrived on time and quality is great
Very disappointed in wranglers authentic shorts! Been wearing these for years just ordered & received these shorts! First time I go to wear I find the little watch pocket I have used for my vial of eye drops & my wifes car key is 5 deep! Think Im sending them back very disappointed!!
Good fit, lightweight
I got this as a gift for my friend and he loves it! It is great quality! I highly recommend it! I got it for a great price as well! Very happy with my purchase! =)
yard work
Awesome Im going to order more I love it
Awesome quality for the price!
Love them! Super great quality and a price that I won't cry about when I drop them in the river in a few months! Will buy again! Seller was super fast as well a++
I was expecting ordinary boxer shorts but I am surprised by the quality of these items. Apparently very strong I feel that I will love this brand.
I bought gold toe socks for myself and loved them so I bought some for my husband. He loves these socks and wont wear anything else now. The elastic doesnt quit so the socks stay in place. Extremely comfortable and durable. The socks dont loose their shape after numerous washes and dont thin out like many other popular sock brands.
The hat is perfect the package was just a plastic bag the hat got smashed on top
Just got it and I looove it. Already took it out for an evening test run. I was able to fit my drivers license and credit card and some folded cash in the inside slots easily. I also had my phone which could fit inside or in the outer pocket as well as my husbands phone too. And I packed a chap stick and lipstick. So there is plenty of room. I also purchased a small minimalist RFID slim wallet that I can transfer between purses because I hate all the different bags I go between. But its not needed and will only add bulk. But this purse is super cute and I will probably get more for me and or as gifts . Another positive was when we were heading out I asked my husband which small purse I should bring and I showed him this one or a different small purse that was more glittery for evening and he chose this one because it was such a different style and made a statement. My only con would be that the background to this purse is more of a spearmint green and I would prefer blue however I looove dolphins and they are blue on this purse.... so they over rule.
Not only is this bag beautiful. It is extremely functional. Let's talk about its beauty first. I ordered the light blue bag and it is stunning. It is a perfect spring and summer accessory. The colorful detail on the strap sets this purse above any other purse in its category.
I love the spaciousness of the interior of the purse. It has an open concept so you can put almost anything in it. It is perfect for fitting a small makeup bag, wallet and other personal items. Or, if you are like me, it is perfect for fitting an extra diaper and wipes for the baby and a few snacks. That way I don't have to carry an extra diaper bag.
My favorite feature on this purse is the built in storage for my drivers license, cards, lip gloss and key fab. It is attached at the top of the bag so there is no digging around for my most important supplies.
This bag is a must have. I love it!
She loved it, that's all that matters! :D
Im very disappointed with this purchase. Ive been buying this cross body for several years because I love the style and all the pockets. I guess I should have read the description better and not assumed it would be like all the others with the same name that Ive purchased in the past. The two outside pockets on each end of the purse are what I would call poofy where they used to be more tight. Inside the purse there are only two slip pockets instead of three. And again they seem loose especially with the new fabric used inside. The strap is slippery and adjusts itself while on my shoulder. I guess its time to start looking for a new brand to buy since Vera isnt the quality it used to be. I did give this purse one star though because I love the color and pattern.
Says for shoe size up to 12.5. I wear a 10.5. The first time putting each pair on, every single pair pulled tight around the ankle and made a little snap noise in the ankle area. These are my first toe socks but that's usually a bad sign for any sock. Probably the elastic band breaking.

Kind of like a really thin thread. I didn't pull real hard it was just pathetically thin, whatever it was.
So they were perfectly fine until I washed them and then threads began to come undone. I'm not sure if this picture was after the first or second wash but these socks are very thin, as in, there is no padding really. The toes all fit my feet but are a tad small.
I do like them somewhat but the quality seems lacking and they are falling apart already after like 1 month. So yea. 3 stars.

Anyway, here's a picture of the sock that looks the worst.

I talked with the seller and they sent me a few more socks. They said that some of the socks have a defect. They were very helpful and I do actually like these socks. So I upped my stars to 5 given this next comment.

I had purchased this orange sock for me (men's show size 6-12.5) and the white/black for my wife (women's show size 4-10) and she wasn't wearing hers since they seemed big on her extra small women's shoe size 5 feet and mine seemed maybe a tad small but still fit on my 10.5 men's show size foot. So we switched and apparently her size was slightly bigger than mine. So I rechecked the packaging and her's do indeed say women's and the size numbers are indeed a couple lower than the sizes written on my orange sock packaging. Anyway, it seems they might have their sizes mixed up or perhaps I incorrectly assumed that women shoe sizing are measured using a different stick than men's shoe sizing in such a way that a women's 5 is smaller than a men's 5.

Anyway, we switched socks and we're both happy now, despite the one pair having issues at the top. I'm running laundry now and there are a few pairs in there. You can assume that if I don't update this, the socks are still holding up well after probably a 4th wash I think we're on now.
too wide, therefore to baggy.
Very light and holds everything nicely. The money clip is very tight which is sometimes troublesome when you have alot of bills..(ie. Lots of $1) and my reason for not giving it a full 5 stars. Otherwise it is a great product.
Counterfeit garbage!! The Undershirts received were marked as slightly imperfect which perhaps wouldnt have been a problem, even though its not what I ordered, if they were genuine Hanes Red Tag shirts...they arent. The shirts that I received are garbage. The material is super thin. The sleeves and collars are misplaced and twisted, and many of the seams are coming apart. There are random seams everywhere, but the sweatshop was nice enough to leave some little stickers with bright orange arrows to point out the less obvious flaws. A couple of the shirts shrunk from 2xl to so small my five year old granddaughter could wear them, if they werent falling apart already. Worst Amazon purchase in ten years.
Love the coloring of this bag.
X-Large was very tight, and I can fit into a Large on most things, its elastic, fitted, not what I expected at all.
I've got two of these. They fit good and brim is stiff enough that light wind doesn't flip it up in front. Great value.
Fit is small ,definitely go up a size , but the right size very comfortable
I love this wallet - it is small but not too small. I actually love that it is so compact. It weights zero so adding it to your purse adds no weight yet your credit or ID cards are organized. I have given these wallets as gifts & we all love the RFID factor even if we don't know when it saves our information - we know it will. Great product & so attractive.
Were perfect
They are nice socks to be sure, it's just that the sizing could be better in the description. I run about a 10.5 for shoes so I thought a large might be appropriate given other sock sizes. But it runs too large for me. Other than that it is a quality product so far.
for the price - polarized lenses - cannot be beat