The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!
The Leader and Originator in Custom Jordan, Nike, Adidas & more High End Footwear!

lacoste shoes new design

lacoste shoes new design

Katty Customs is a company built off of being unique and different. We know that are customers seek the same thing. This is why this company was formed; for us to satisfy every client that seeks to express themselves in a unique way.

We customize several different things and push the limits. We’re known for all of our customized footwear, over the years we’ve also been recognized for our Katty Lenoir Clothing. Now we’re combining both aspects and offering even more customization services to fit the needs of our customers.

lacoste shoes new design

We customize any shoe that customers request; rather they provide the shoe or we provide it from a authorized local retailer.

Our prices start at a minimum of $200 for customization. Many of our clientele provide their own shoes by shipping them into our shop to be customized. If you do not have the shoe that you would like to be customized, we offer the opportunity to purchase the original authentic shoe at it’s additional cost on each product page so that they can be customized as shown. Shoes typically take 4-8 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the customization.

We can restore almost any shoe to its original state. From scuffs to needing to be completely re-glued, we can work magic on getting your shoes to look like new.

lacoste shoes new design

Love this backpack / purse so much! Lightweight & easy to clean. Have used it so much I've had to take it in to repair a strap at our local shoe repair, but now it's good as new again.
It's a good basic hat for protecting your head from the sun. Size was as expected, I ended up ordering more to keep in the car.
Most belts dont even rival this one
Love them fit great will order more
The size 6 is a great fit for my somewhat petite seven-year-old. She called them "very comfortable," and you can't beat the price.
The unboxing of this wallet was amazing. You open the amazon packaging to get this really nice box. Open the box to have a protective sleeve and inside the sleeve was another wrapping. The wallet is impeccable. It stores all of my cards, and there is so much space. They make this so easy to use, even coming with a little card with instructions for the money clip and the pull tab.
It great product and feel comfortable.
She loved her canvas Bride tote bag. It's huge! And perfect!
Love them
Exactly what they say they are.
Absolutely darling, will be ordering more in different colors. Probably for gifts too. Quality is amazing for the price.
I've been wearing merino wool socks, full time, for about 3 years. I used to only wear them hiking, but they really are so much more comfy than cotton that on one of my annual sock swaps I decided to bite the bullet and go wool.(for a couple decades I've been throwing away and replacing all of my, daily wear/work, socks once a year) Gotta say I'm pretty surprised to still be wearing socks I bought 3 years ago(not these socks) and have them still be more comfy than new cotton.

I know I just started my review with a digression, but I wanted to get a few points out about wool socks that seem to be on the minds of some and address some misgivings about year round wool sock wear.

I'm a carpenter. I'm on my feet all day, every day. I work pretty hard and I get pretty hot, but even on the hottest days of summer my feet are no warmer in wool than cotton, just more comfortable. Wool insulates well. In the winter it will help keep your body heat in. In the summer, in a pair of leather boots/shoes, it doesn't make a spit of difference what your socks are made of, your feet are gonna be hot. The big thing for me is that wool is naturally antimicrobial. I used to get a healthy funk in my work boots and, sometimes very painful,...... uhmmmmm, unwanted colonies of bacteria and/or fungus? on my feet. Not so, since I went wool.

Finally: These are really nice socks. I'm about 20 or so washes in and they're doing just fine. They don't have all the bells and whistles, fancy stitching, venting panels, etc. of far more expensive units, but they're far less expensive, well constructed, durable and made right here in the "Good Ole". I will say that at a size 10.5US, these were a little loose right off, but after a few washes they shrunk considerably, which is common in wool. At this point they go on a bit snug, but relax to match the shape of my foot, without stretching or bunching, very well.

All told, I love wool socks and these are a fine offering.
I have always liked Vera Bradley purses. They last longer and pretty.
So comfortable, plenty of room, fits perfect. Durable - use them for skiing, gymn workouts, office workdays, doing splits, walking the dog. Totally my favorite. Brand names don't hold a candle to these. The value you get for the price is unbelievable. DEAL OF THE DECADE. This is like my 5th set off Amazon. I keep buying them thinking the price will go up and up. My wife is like, "how many underwears do you need?". I don't know! Everytime I buy these I feel like I'm stealing them they're so cheap and awesome!!
Nice shirt--comfortable, easy to take care. Great for travel!!
Love em!!!
Good Levi quality and value!!
I waited a couple months before I wrote this. I wanted to see how well this wallet performed and conformed to me. This is a great wallet. At arrival it was stiff and did not accept many credit cards. Over time I added a few cards per week. It now holds all my cards, stays good looking, has conformed to my pocket.
A very good wallet!
Maybe not as heavy as North Face but comparable at better price
Worst purchase I have ever made on here. It's more like buy aluminium earrings. The bend so easily to where it bends out of shape quickly. You can bend them from full circle to triangle in no time and never get the same shape back. It's like putting wet toilet paper in your ears. Stay away, stay away stay away. Buy something else...
comfortable, and nice colors.
This product was exactly like I thought it would be nice fit and plenty of compliments
Product is just as described. Fits well, seems to be made well. I'm satisfied
Great work shirts made to last!
My daughter loves them & fits them perfectly!
Great product just as advertised.
Disliked nothing in particular. Am using them for reading until the script from my opth. is filled.
Great and the service is grest
Only brand of eyeware that I have been purchasing for the past 30 years. Fantastic quality and craftsmanship.
Good quality